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Modern Seattle WA

Modern Seattle WA

Award-Winning Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. William Portuese. Seattle, Portland, Ketchum

Rhinoplasty, face lift, and eyelid work are just some of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed nowadays. But with so many clinics offering the procedure, you may be confused where to go to. To help you get the perfect job, trust only the experts who have extensive experience in the field. The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery center headed by Dr. William Portuese has performed thousands of successful cosmetic surgeries over the years. The clients are just so happy from the moment they step into their clinic and until they leave, the result is just so amazingly natural that people think you’re born with it.

Living in Seattle

Living is Seattle means getting first hand experience of what development is all about. The hustling sound during the weekdays will tell you about the fast-paced living of people. This is especially true if you are staying in the business districts. To escape the busy city, residents find the refuge by going to wineries, ski resorts, hiking trails, and the numerous sprawling parks. If you are to take a look at reports in terms of the best places to live, Seattle, Washington gets the top 9 rank based on desirability, value, quality of life, and job market. With its nice climate and the accessibility of important establishments, Seattle is a good place to live and start a family.

Dr William Portuese

When thinking of a facial plastic surgery, you need to consider several factors. You must look into the cost of the procedure, the long-term effect, and whether what you want will complement the rest of your facial features. Understanding all of these requires an expert guidance. At The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center, you get the best medical advice from highly respected plastic surgeons. They discuss all options available to help you make better decision. The team of expert aims to provide 100% satisfaction. If you read the testimonials, clients say that the work they do looks so natural that people think that you have been born with those perfect features.

Coronavirus daily news updates, July 24: What to know today about COVID-19 in the Seattle area, Washington state and the world

Washington state is reacting to its own recent uptick in infections by imposing expanded mask requirements and stricter limitations on bars, restaurants, gyms and other places people congregate. Plus, more schools are announcing they’ll teach mostly or completely online this fall. Read more here
The one million increase of covid-19 cases in the country within a matter of 15 days is alarming. The increasing cases require stricter measures to stop the spread of the virus. While others thought that the summer’s heat will kill the virus, the case seems to be different. While we all want to go back to our previous lives, the virus has changed everything. Schools will be online, mask requirements are everywhere, and many businesses are still closed or limited in terms of their operation. To keep your family safe, it is best to stay at home, hibernate for a while, and just enjoy the company of your family.

Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, WA

Chihuly Garden and Glass is another popular destination for tourists and even local residents exploring Seattle. The place exhibits the work and life of artist Dale Chihuly, a renowned American glass sculptor. Located just next to the Space Needle, do not forget to get a quick tour to see the amazing glass works of Chihuly himself. Colorful and vibrant exhibits will surely keep you mesmerized. Your eyes will be overloaded with the exhibits. Staffs are available to give you a guided tour and better appreciate the art. At the end of your visit, you can drop by their store which sells authentic Chihuly pieces.


Link to map 

Driving Direction
9 min (1.6 miles)
via Denny Way and Boren Ave
Best route
Chihuly Garden and Glass
305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109, United States

Head south on Space Needle Loop
92 ft

Turn right onto John St
417 ft

Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto 5th Ave N
427 ft

Turn left onto Denny Way
0.6 mi

Turn right onto Boren Ave
0.8 mi

Turn left onto Madison St
Destination will be on the right
203 ft 

Dr William Portuese
1101 Madison St #1280
Seattle, WA 98104 
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